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I'm Dr. Connie Bruce-Gilliam, and I've been practicing pediatric dentistry for more than 25 years here in Jacksonville, North Carolina. As a small business owner I knew we needed more clients and increase sales/profits. After many failed attempts trying to do it on my own and contacting other companies, I found Reputation Comes First. The results speak for themselves.

Staff at Gilliam Dentistry - Jacksonville, NC. 2016


Gilliam Dentistry came to us August 2015, in need of a complete marketing overhaul. After evaluating their situation, our assessment would lead to a new website and implementing a full online marketing campaign. Their stream of new clients weren't as plentiful as previous years so before everything had flat-lined we jumped into action. They had a well respected practice of 25 years and we needed to let the online world find out who they were and the services offered. Ultimately they wanted the internet to provide new client opportunities the same way that their stellar offline reputation and relationships do.


We launched a new website and covered every corner of the internet where most people look for Gilliam Dentistry type services. We expanded the content to reach all practice areas and locations that Gilliam Dentistry serves. A full marketing campaign was set in place and began to increase the organic and social reach of Gilliam Dentistry.  September 1st 2015 was the official launch date of their campaign and within 30 days there were major increases in phone calls, emails, forms filled out online and appointments. We're excited to have the Gilliam Dentistry team as a part of our family and they are a bundle of fun.

Gilliam – Case Study. Results. Raw Numbers

Increase in Clients
Increase in Website Traffic
Increase in Reputation
Increase in Calls Monthly

Desktop Website Analytics (09/01/15 - 07/14/16)

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Mobile Website Analytics (09/01/15 - 07/14/16)

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Google Ranking + Keywords (09/01/15 - 07/14/16)

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Call Analytics (09/01/15 - 07/14/16)

All calls are tracked via our proprietary analytic software for quality assurance.

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A few live calls

Live call of a real client calling from google. The clients name has been blurted out for the protection of the clients privacy.

Lady & son calls from Google with questions

Young lady call from Google to schedule a teeth cleaning

Mother & two children all get scheduled for a dental appointment

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